There aren’t too many things we love more than a good beer here at Crafty Ramblings, however you won’t find us writing up tasting notes every time we have the privilege of trying out a new beer – we prefer to leave that to the experts.

Where possible, we will provide links to the brewery’s official website so you can read up on their beer’s colour, aroma, flavour, ABV, IBU and whatever else your beer-soaked mind wishes to consume.

Our aim is to provide info on craft beer-related activity from different locations around the globe – be it a microbrewery, a pub that specialises in craft beer, a beer festival, or some old geezer that’s been brewing in his back shed for a few decades.

Occasionally we might come across things that are simply worth writing about, so the focus of some posts may drift to include topics such as travel, music, sporting events and festivals.

Of course, we’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on places to visit, topics to cover or mistakes to fix – just head to our Contact page.